‘Sustainable Dream is back’-party

We are happy to be back home again…. But it also takes some time getting used to it! To help us mooring in the ordinary world we organise a ‘coming home party. Seeing each other again, catching up, watching pictures and video’s and for those interested making a small tour on the water in the morning.

Saturday 25th of August between 15.00 and 17.00 the ‘Sustainable dream is back-party’ at our place. We very much like to invite you as good friends and followers of our blog.

Feel free to take your tent with you if you come from far away. We have plenty of space in the garden for it!

And in the morning you can go for a nice paddle directly from our garden. You can make a nice trip on the lake or just try what paddling is like. So bring your own kajak, or let us know you want to try it. Then we will try to arrange something.

We hope to hear from you!

Best wishes,

Rick en Christa

Artwork – Milly Bakker, illustrator

Our kajak packed as luggage on Gothenburg station. Here we took a bus to travel home to Groningen in a sustainable way.

The border of Norway

Today is a special day, we are heading for the Norwegian border! We have paddled nearly 1200 km and now we are nearly in Norway! Excited we start the trip, from the quiet paradise-isle where we stayed overnight.

We have a great tour again, along rocky islands and over open sea. It’s only 1,5 km from the border of Norway when we spot an approaching fishing vessel, heading for the harbour. We wait for it to pass before continuing over the shipping lane. We do have some less pleasant experiences with unexpected moves of fishing boats ?. And this one adds to it: the fishing vessel suddenly turns and rapidly moves away to outer sea again. Now we take our chance and rush the stretch for the Norwegian border, which is getting close. Suddenly we are there! Yes!!! We have made it! We high-five and put our paddles in the air. We can’t believe that we have really made it!

Later, on the deserted isle we hoped to find, but isn’t deserted at all, we celebrate again! with a bottle of our favourite pear cider and crisps. We reached Norway!

Though now we are back on Swedish ground, it is obvious that Norway is near. Some 20 motorboats are moored in this beautiful bay and the shore is crowded with sunbathing people and playing children, like a mediterranean beach. But all boats carry the Norwegian flag. Especially for us, we joke, so we won’t forget: Norway, we made it!


Something completely different

Today we feel like doing something completely different. And we do! Rick jumps into the front seat where Christa usually sits.

We change the distance of the footrudder, now Christa can sit at the back and do the steering and navigation. We have a lot of fun, while the old habits do not always fit to the new situation. For instance, we cross our paddles every now and then, and sometimes move a little too far to starboard, while port side is required (or vice versa). But that doesn’t really matter. We enjoy the tour trough the beautiful archipellago of Fjällbacka. And now it is Rick who spots the seals and Christa who chooses the direction! Nice for a change.

Something completely different: a St.Jan’s butterfly in Grebbestad.

Summer in Sweden

We picked the right time to paddle along the Swedish coast. Clear blue skies, warm and sunny wheather and usually wind, not always in the back ?.

Yesterday we had a great trip with much variety. Leaving early in the morning, we passed the lovely harbourtown of Smögen. In the bay we found to our surprise, a small passage with tiny houses, leading to a barren, deserted but beautiful area of shallow waters and rockey isles. And no one around…

Later we took the Sotekanal, a 6 km long and narrow channel, with impressive cliffs, green meadows and holiday houses which would make you jealous… And did you know that deer can swim? Well, they do! We saw one crossing the Sotekanal and getting out on the other site like nothing special happened!

While paddling in this area we get a lot of attention and positive comments of passing sailingboats. They ask whether we make a long tour, put up a thumb, tell us our speed and wish us a good trip! This makes our journey in the Swedish summer very special!

‘Sweden’s best wild camping spot’-competition

We are enjoying the west coast of Sweden, with its great nature and beautiful places to camp. Because of the ‘all men right’ you are allowed to camp in the wild.

First we were on the isle of Gältherö, or actually the little isle near to it, Dynholmen. On this dream spot, we were surprised by a visit of Georg, whom we had brought the regards of his friend Rix from Holland, earlier that day. He came along with his motorboat, home made elderberry-juice and a Dutch beer. That was very nice! Later that evening Georg’s friend Maria came paddeling to our place in her kajak and stayed overnight in her own tent. That was pleasant company!

Another unexpected guest at Dynholmen

Next day we went to the island Rörö. It was a great tour, crossing three minor shippinglanes to Gothenburg. The weather was fine and we had clear visibility , so actually it was fun trying to cross as fast as possible the 500 meters wide shipways with hardly any ships about. We found a great camping-spot in a lovely bay. Daniel and his friend, who we met at Rörö beach, were impressed that after our long trip we managed to find the most beautiful beach of Sweden ?!

Today we headed for the lovely, but very touristic area of Marstrand. Again, it was great paddling. Sunny and the wind in our back, sometimes it felt like we were in a nature documentory… It was so great and quiet with all these rocky islands, and sea birds. We chose the shallow waters, so no boats around! Just before arriving to Marstrand we saw a perfect bay, green and calm. So we landed and put up our tent here. The third great camping spot we came across these last days! Hard to choose which is ‘Sweden’s best wild camping spot’ this year ?