Summer in Sweden

We picked the right time to paddle along the Swedish coast. Clear blue skies, warm and sunny wheather and usually wind, not always in the back ?.

Yesterday we had a great trip with much variety. Leaving early in the morning, we passed the lovely harbourtown of Smögen. In the bay we found to our surprise, a small passage with tiny houses, leading to a barren, deserted but beautiful area of shallow waters and rockey isles. And no one around…

Later we took the Sotekanal, a 6 km long and narrow channel, with impressive cliffs, green meadows and holiday houses which would make you jealous… And did you know that deer can swim? Well, they do! We saw one crossing the Sotekanal and getting out on the other site like nothing special happened!

While paddling in this area we get a lot of attention and positive comments of passing sailingboats. They ask whether we make a long tour, put up a thumb, tell us our speed and wish us a good trip! This makes our journey in the Swedish summer very special!

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