An unexpected travel-companion

We feel a bit anxious today, because we will be on the sea again, this afternoon. But first we are going to cross the fjord to Hvide Sande, a small harbour between the Ringkøbing Fjord and the sea.

The fjord is calm. It’s sunny, the water is easy and we hardly see any boats or human activity. It’s rather shallow along the shore where we paddle. And there are many, many swans on the lake. Sometimes they fly up in their majestical way. Then we stop paddling and just watch and listen…
In the distance we see the small harbour of Hvide Sande. We grow quiet by the thought of the sea. What will it look like today? Rick suggests he’ll call the Danish kajak-association tonight, to exchange experiences and to get some tips for kajakking the Danish coast.

In Hvide Sande we moor near the locks and look for the chef of the locks. It’s a very nice man and he opens the locks as soon as we have told our story. When we pass the locks and head for the sea, we discover a white seakajak. The owner is getting in, it seems. It is Rune, who is doing a red-white ribbon tour around Denmark, a special kajak tour only for die-hards. We have read about this tour during our preparations and it’s great to meet a red-white ribbonner in person!

Rune and we are going in the same direction, so we take this paddle together. There’s a lot to exchange and before we know it, we have covered quite some distance.

Meanwhile, big waves come unexpectedly out of nothing, so it means that we need to stay alert while chatting?.

We take a short break on the beach before continuing in the evening. Once we are out on the open sea again the huge waves seem to be building up. So we call it a day. After a nice meal and pleasant conversation we take out our sleepingbags and lay down next to our canoes on the beach.