Close to Sweden..

Summer has started. A lovely sunnny day on which we are paddling to Österby, a little harbour in the eastern part of the isle Læsø. The wind is calm, as is the sea, and softly supporting us in the right direction. Its a. great trip, the water is very clear and shallow, greenish as the Côte d’Azur. The dunes that we missed for quite some time, are slowly reappearing on the shore. It is so beautiful and quiet here, we really enjoy ourselves! Once we are ‘trapped’ in a sandbank, but we only have to drag the canoe to deeper over a short distance. It’s a lovely trip.

We are approaching our destination, Gothenburg, soon. The past few days we have been thinking about our crossing to Sweden. How are we going to cross the big schippinglane ‘T-line’ between Denemarken and Sweden? We have the option to take the ferry from Vasterø to Fredrikshafen and from there to Gothenburg. We’ve already spoken to the captain of the ferry and he will give full cooperation when we would take the ferry.

The other option is to go to Österby, the harbour closest to Sweden. We could go there and see whether we can find a sailingboat to accompany us during the crossing. As we had a restingday yesterday, Christa already visited the harbour by bus to explore this option. She spoke to harbourmaster Kurt of Österby. Harbour. He was very enthousiast about the idea of our trip. Also Kurt was very confident that we would find an accompanying boat and offered to help us find one.

So again, we chose for the adventure and go to Österby! If we won’t have found an accompanying boat by 7 tonight, we will return to Vasterö tonight and travel to Sweden by ferry tomorrow.


The harbour of Österby is really crowded, so many Swedish sailboats. Once we are ashore we discover some notes in the harbour and restaurant, which harbourmaster Kurt has put up. Great! And we also get support from the people of the restaurant Marina Park Ōsterby, they even sponsor our drinks! Cheers!