Crossing a rough ground-sea

A very early morning of May 18th, we left at 6 am (getting up at 4 ?). First part out of the harbour we had the wind at our back, so we put up our small sail, made of our shelter-tarp. We went very fast!

But then the water was lower than we thought, because the wind had enforced the tide so our planned shortcut across a sandplate was blocked. Therefore we did an extra curve with headwind and countercurrent. It was uncertain whether we could cross the tidal canal, because we had been delayed and the tide was getting low. Fortunately we managed allright.

We canoed right along large oysterbanks which rose up one meter above us, a beautiful view.
It was colder than expected and during a break I put on an extra sweater and ate some of the ’emergency’-chocolate to get some life back in my frozen fingers. The scenery was very beautiful, but this time I didn’t notice it very well…

The crossing between Juist and Norderney was very rough, and we met a real ground-sea with huge waves continuously attacking the canoe. It required much attention, but the boat did very well. I didn’t have any doubts and Christa canoed like she had been taming these waves for years. This was an impressive crossing! The rest of the trip continued smoothly with the wind at our back. We are very proud on what we did!

Have a nice Whitsun-weekend! What are your plans? We’ll be canoeing for a bit ?