The border of Norway

Today is a special day, we are heading for the Norwegian border! We have paddled nearly 1200 km and now we are nearly in Norway! Excited we start the trip, from the quiet paradise-isle where we stayed overnight.

We have a great tour again, along rocky islands and over open sea. It’s only 1,5 km from the border of Norway when we spot an approaching fishing vessel, heading for the harbour. We wait for it to pass before continuing over the shipping lane. We do have some less pleasant experiences with unexpected moves of fishing boats ?. And this one adds to it: the fishing vessel suddenly turns and rapidly moves away to outer sea again. Now we take our chance and rush the stretch for the Norwegian border, which is getting close. Suddenly we are there! Yes!!! We have made it! We high-five and put our paddles in the air. We can’t believe that we have really made it!

Later, on the deserted isle we hoped to find, but isn’t deserted at all, we celebrate again! with a bottle of our favourite pear cider and crisps. We reached Norway!

Though now we are back on Swedish ground, it is obvious that Norway is near. Some 20 motorboats are moored in this beautiful bay and the shore is crowded with sunbathing people and playing children, like a mediterranean beach. But all boats carry the Norwegian flag. Especially for us, we joke, so we won’t forget: Norway, we made it!